Tora Fiskarr is a young tabaxi artificer. She was found by the agents of The Stormbringers, and after discovering her ability to use a volatile substance into a weapon, she was brought in by the organization. She was among those sent to steal the Esoteros from Ad-Nilem.


Tora has no memory of her parents. The earliest she can remember is waking up hungry and rainsoaked in the backalleys of Hiel.

One day, while playing around with the garbage and waste she was hoarding, she discovered that a certain combination of charcoal and chicken excrement can create small sparks of fire. She used this small creation of hers to defend herself from the violent nature of street life.

She was picked up by an agent of The Stormbringers, after witnessing what she can do with her skills. The group brought her to their hidden base, and was given her own laboratory where she can tinker and experiment on anything she wants. Here, she created her first firearm, the Thunder Cannon.

Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Tora is small, and thin.

Personality Edit

Growing up on her own, looking after herself, Tora has no respect for other people, especially adults. She is very curious, and has an uncanny ability to creating something from waste and garbage, which got the interest of The Stormbringers.

The Campaign Edit

Nylar ordered Clau to bring Tora and Dew with them on their quest to steal the Esoteros to get a first hand look at their potential as future agents of the organization.

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