Thelial is a drow rogue from the noble house of Merbrandt who joined the expedition to find the Godslayer sword.


Thelial was born in the village of Andrala, in the Underdark. When she was young, her entire village was burned by surface-dwellers, and its residents were either killed or enslaved. Thelial escaped either of those tragic fate when she was taken in by a rich and generous couple, Siegbert and Nele Merbrandt. The couple brought Thelial to Ad-Nilem, where they adapted her and she was raised as a noble and as one of their own. However, racism against drows is still prevalent in the city, and she was seldom ridiculed for her skin color. While she was in a bookshop browsing for books, Thelial was attacked by several individuals for being a drow. A scarred man who goes by the name Saaveed helped her fend off her attackers. He eventually showed her the condition of the drow residents of Ad-Nilem: taking shelter in the sewers of the city, forgotten and disregarded.

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Thelial has a dark skin attributed to drows. She has ash-gray hair and red eyes.

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Thelial wandered into Sybil's Unrest, looking to experience life outside the safe confines of their family mansion, when she was thrust into a series of jobs offered by the tavern's owner, Madame Bea.

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Thelial entered Sybil's Unrest, where she met with several individuals looking for a "job".

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