Sword of the Godslayer is a campaign set in the continent of Ireneus that follows a group of adventurers on an expedition to find an ancient artifact called the Godslayer Sword.

Characters Edit

Below are the current members of the Godslayer Expedition:

Player Character Race Class Notes
Lovely Bibe Lenirith Tiefling Draconic Sorcerer She joined the group when they visited Ibameran to steal the Jewel of Soliton.
JV Caalim Marley Half-Orc Thief He joined the party after they saved Cassana from the drow cultists of the her village.
Dianne Chua Ellion Dreyfarer Human Phoenix Sorcerer He joined the party after following Thelial who ran away from home.
Lizzie Facultad Azula Mountain-Dwarf Knowledge Cleric One of the original members of the expedition.
Tish Guloy Lira Wood-Ef Beast Master One of the original members of the expedition.
Cheska Jaramillo Thelial Merbrandt Dark-Elf Assassin She joined the group, after hearing that her people, the drows are somehow involved with Nighith's plans.
Icko Magat Daveth Varinius Human Paladin of Nature The Prince of Zephyrus, he initiated the expedition, then joined it incognito as "Nicolas Blueriver".
Rose Axel Human Arcane Trickster He joined the group after they retrieved the Wyrmhunter spear.

The group is accompanied by the Prince of Zephyrus' liaison, Minos and are assisted by childhood friends Cassana and Ashvell.

Former members of the expedition include:

  • Rob, a human draconic sorcerer. After discovering that his mother is a noble from the Free-City of Soliton, he inherited their the family and settled down.
  • Nong-Poi, a half-elf monk. She left the group to train under the githzerai monk Saarth.
  • Firroth, a dragonborn barbarian. He disappeared when Nighith attacked Mermaid's Rock.
  • Auren, an elven cleric. He disappeared when the group is being teleported to Ad-Nilem.

Episodes Edit

No. in Series No. in Chapter Title Game Date
1 1 "Into the Wolfswood" February 29, 2016
The Prince of Zephyrus, after repelling an invasion from the neighboring Kingdom of Auhros, calls upon the boldest adventurers across Windcoast to join in an adventure to find a long lost ancient artifact.
2 2 "Arrival at the Village" March 4, 2016
Minos reveals himself as the person behind the thugs that the adventurers fought. On their way to the village, they come across a dying monk by the middle of the road, and a woodcutter who shows them the way to the village. Upon arriving, they meet a rather peculiar half-elf.
3 3 "Abandoned Mines" March 11, 2016
When a pack of werewolves kidnap Cassana, the adventurers decide to join the other villagers to help save her.
4 4 "The Ritual" March 23, 2016
The adventurers find a drow imprisoned down the caverns. Meanwhile, a dark ritual could bring forth a very powerful Queen from the dark ages.
5 5 "Journey North" April 1, 2016
The adventurers accompany a merchant to the Free City of Soliton as they head to the temple-island where Tullius hid the Godslayer sword.
6 1 "A Reunion" April 8, 2016
Mysterious individuals abducted Rob and Minos and separated from the rest of the group. Rob meets a person from his past. Meanwhile, the rest of the adventurers were embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy that leads to a confrontation with a deadly assassin.
7 2 "False Appearances" April 15, 2016
With Rob and Minos back with the rest of the adventurers, they piece together the dangerous conspiracy brewing inside the city. Tasked with solving the strange disappearances of several children, including Brad's daughter Lisa, they must tread carefully between the people they can trust and those they can't.
8 3 "The Guardian of Soliton" April 22, 2016
Azula, Lira  and Marley, who were joined by Auren and Firroth, are solving the case of the missing children. Meanwhile, Rob, Nicolas, Minos and Nong-Poi investigate the source of the golden scroll that made its way into Rob's bag.
9 4 "The Assault on Von Schreiber Manor" April 29, 2016
With Captain Hrothgar imprisoned and awaiting trial, the adventurers seek for unlikely allies as they launch an assault towards the conspirators that has been plaguing the city of Soliton.
10 5 "The Soulless One" May 13, 2016
After breaking into the Von Schreiber Manor, the adventurers face the Baron and his followers.
11 1 "The Island" May 20, 2016
Grateful for their help, Captain Hrothgar lends his private ship to the adventurers and they sail towards the mysterious temple-island where the Godslayer sword is said to be hidden.
12 2 "Bronze Guard" June 3, 2016
After surviving the various traps of the island, the adventurers finally arrive at the gates of the temple and face off with a dragon.
13 3 "Escape from the Labyrinth" June 17, 2016
Finally finding the prized artifact, the adventurers must find a way to escape the labyrinthine temple. However, they are confronted by a sinister black dragon who is also interested with the sword.
14 4 Love on Mermaid's Rock June 24, 2016
After being shipwrecked, the adventurers recuperate at a small fishing village. Things, however, turn for the worse.
15 5 Repercussions July 8, 2016
16 1 The Road July 22, 2016
17 2 To Hell August 12, 2016
18 3 Paved September 2, 2016
19 4 With Good September 30, 2016
20 5 Intentions October 7, 2016
21 1 Bones of Forgotten Men December 8, 2016
22 2 The Dwarf in the High Castle January 21, 2017
23 3 Best of Women February 24, 2017
24 4 Unraveled April 8, 2017
25 5 Unrivaled Part 1 June 16, 2017
26 6 Unrivaled Part 2 August 28, 2017
27 1 Black Wings September 8, 2017
28 2 Family Matters March 23, 2018

Special EpisodesEdit

Title Game Date Notes
Odd Jobs January 20, 2017 First appearance of Thelial and Ulysses.
The Beast
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