Sid is a half-elven Bard and Rogue. He was taken in by Archdeacon Kavish after he was arrested for breaking into the temple.


Sid remembers quite a bit from his childhood; the taste his mother's cooking, her small habits, and her smell. For his father he remembers his laugh, and his father’s stern voice that he would use when Sid would get himself into trouble. He also remembers his older sister who loved to dance and would read books to him at night. His family was very close with one another, they would have nightly and morning prayers together, they also did not eat meat because Sid’s mother would always say “We must respect all life.”

Since Sid was young he had a strong impulse to explore places that were inaccessible to most people. At around the age of six, he was an expert at sneaking out of his home to explore Hiel. This would often get him into trouble since he would enter into stranger's homes and areas restricted for the general public. He was pretty lucky at getting into places, it was as if his pathway was never locked.

One day after a long excursion across the city, Sid came home to a horrifying circumstance that would haunt him the rest of his life. A figure, wearing a galabeya, face completely covered by a balaclava, and holding a bloodied scimitar, is standing over his mother's dying body. His mother begged for her life as figure proceeded to killer her. Sid ran out as fast as he could and spent a few nights in the wilderness. When he finally had the nerve to return back to his house, he saw it being boarded up by the local authorities. He waited until everyone left and tried to open the surprisingly unlocked door. When he entered his house he saw that it was a mess. The furniture was either turned over, or destroyed, he found traces of blood, but ultimately it looked like nothing other than the bodies of his family had been taken from his home.

Life after this parent’s death revolved around him fending for himself in the streets of the city. Growing up was tough, he wasn’t as skilled at stealing without being noticed and eventually he learned how to get food and shelter through his silver tongue. Later on he met a kenku thief named Chipper, and together they began using their skills to con people together. He and Chipper later on joined a crew where they would do even greater cons completely robbing corrupt people who take advantage of the poor.

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