Marius Niveus is an aasimar follower of Boreas, who got mixed-up with the Stormbringers when the group arrived at Ad-Nilem.


Marius was born of a virgin priestess named Elsa through divine intervention. He was then raised in a temple dedicated to Boreas, an ancient entity who's being worshipped as the goddess of winter. He escaped his sheltered life in the temple and eventually arrived at Ad-Nilem.

Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Marius stands at 7'1" in height, he has a pale skin, black hair and icy blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Marius is naive and sheltered, having never experienced the world outside the Temple of Boreas. He is serious and stoic, and is devoted to the goddess of ice.

Goals Edit

Marius adheres to the Cult of Boreas' belief that a perfect world is a world engulfed in ice. He is always looking for ways to accomplish what he believes is his divine goal, while listening to the voice of her mother through her Greatsword, Elsa.

The Campaign Edit

Marius is not a member of The Stormbringers but became involved with them when they met on an tavern in the city of Ad-Nilem.

The City of Mages Edit

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