Knights of the Ascended is a campaign set in the continent of Ireneus. The campaign follows a group of adventurers as they restore the ancient religious order, Order of the Ascended.

Synopsis Edit

The Order of the Ascended is a dying order. Once the bastion of the worship of Eirene in the east, it has fallen into obscurity; its members scattered, and its temple abandoned. Its last remaining leader, Archdeacon Kavish is grasping at the remnants of this once-respected organization, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

Characters Edit

Player Character Race Class Notes
Gerard Avendano Prince Chipper Kenku Divine Herald He followed Sid after his friend was took in by the priest Archdeacon Kavish.
Kendrick Haw Sibus Half-Orc Wizard/Alchemist He accepted a job offer from the priest Archdeacon Kavish.
Miguel Montilla Siddhartha Hariharan Half-elf Rogue/Key Bard He was took in by the priest Archdeacon Kavish after being arrested for stealing from the temple.

The group is mentored by the accompanied by Archdeacon Kavish, a priest and a follower of The Ascended.

Episodes Edit

No. in Series No. in Chapter Title Game Date
1 1 "Desert Sons " May 1, 2018
Three disparate individuals heed the call of Archdeacon Kavish, a tabaxi cleric, and the last remaining leader of the Order of the Ascended. He sends them on a mission to find the remaining followers of the Order’s faith who are said to be hiding somewhere in the deserts of Ruma.
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