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Welcome!! This is a wiki dedicated to documenting the history of the lands of Ireneus, seen through two different campaigns. A heroes campaign, titled Sword of the Godslayer where a group of adventurers must find an ancient artifact to aid a Prince in his quest for peace. Then there's the villain campaign, Daughters of the Storm, where members of an evil secret society known as the Stormbringers travel the world to find the different aspects of a long-dead titan.

Ireneus CampaignsEdit

On the lands of Windcoast, six individuals heed a young Prince's call for adventure.

Story Edit

The Prince of Zephyrus, after repelling an invasion from the neighboring kingdom of Auhros, calls upon the boldest adventurers in the land of Windcoast to join in an expedition to find an ancient artifact.

Prologue Edit

Four adventurers, Rob, Lira, Azula and Nicolas arrived at the Citadel of Windcoast, the military base of the Zephyrus army. Inside the Hall of Heroes, they were greeted by Minos, who introduced himself as the Prince’s liaison. He told them of the expedition the Prince had launched.

The expedition's goal was to find the sword “Godslayer”. The legendary weapon had been used by the Zephyrean King Markelus to kill the tyrannical god Eon, subsequently bringing forth the end of the Dark Ages. According to history, the sword disappeared 500 years ago, when the city had been ransacked by barbarians, and the artifact’s protectors had fled the city with the sword.

After searching for centuries, the kingdom had finally found a lead to the location of the sword. Minos told the four of the prize that awaited them if they finished the expedition. Once the group returned to Zephyrus with the sword, the surviving adventurers could choose between a reward of 10,000 gold pieces, an estate of the adventurer’s choosing or a title and a seat among the city’s council of nobles.

Operating from their hidden base, The Stormbringers send forth their best agents to execute their nefarious plans upon the world.

Story Edit

When The Stormbringers fail to steal the Esoteros from the Mage Republic, they gathered the agents they can muster, and take another strike at stealing the ancient artifact.

The Order of the Ascended is a dying order. Once the bastion of the worship of Eirene in the east, it has fallen into obscurity, its members scattered, and its temple abandoned. Its last remaining leader, Archdeacon Kiran is grasping at the remnants of this once-respected organization, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

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